Hertz MiniLease Success Stories

The ideal partner in dynamic life situations.

The perfect mobility in dynamic life situations

  • Waiting made easy

    Adrian just fell in love – with his dream car. Unfortunately, the delivery time is very long. But right now, he could sell his old car for a good price. So he does that and then easily subscribes to a car from Hertz MiniLease until his new treasure on wheels is delivered. How long he has to wait does not matter, because after just one month the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

  • Joseph’s subscription car

    Half a year in Switzerland instead of Ireland – Joseph’s employer sends him to Zurich for a project. He is very much looking forward to his temporary new home, but in his free time he would like to be able to independently tour the country. In addition, he will frequently need a car for business purposes. With Hertz MiniLease, Joseph can easily subscribe to a car and then return it before he goes home.

  • On holiday with the family – flexible travelling

    The Müllers normally travel by train, but various excursions and short trips are planned for the summer holidays. With the children, a car is more practical. And because there are many family-friendly vehicles among the more than 125 models to choose from at Hertz MiniLease, they opt for a subscription. They keep the memories of the summer holidays and simply return the car.